Common Workplace Accidents That Qualify for Workers’ Compensation in Atlanta

Workplace accidents and injuries can happen on any job and in any industry in Atlanta. There are, of course, certain occupations that are more hazardous than others and accidents that are more common than others. Here are the most common types of injuries sustained by workers in Atlanta that qualify for workers’ compensation.

Transportation Accidents

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, transportation incidents made up 34 percent, or 24 out of 70, of fatal work accidents in Georgia in 2013. Non-fatal incidents in the transportation sector also resulted in head injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, back injuries, internal injuries, and facial injuries.

Falls, Slips, and Trips

Another major contributor to total workplace injuries, both in Georgia and across the country in 2013, was the category of falls, slips, and trips.  These type of work injuries are common in a wide range of worksites, from construction sites to retail stores and hospitals. Slips and trips are particularly dangerous for elderly workers, often resulting in joint and hip injuries or broken bones. At some worksites falls may also cause impalement, head injuries, and other severe injuries.

Object and Equipment-Related Injuries

Many of the most serious workplace injuries are related to contact with objects or equipment. Injuries in this category often include some of the worst injuries such as lacerations, amputations, crush and internal injuries.


Electrocution fatalities occur most frequently among electricians, electrical helpers, utility workers, and employees working in construction and manufacturing industries. A majority of these injuries are due to failures or mistakes in electrical systems designs or violations of standards set by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA).

Violence and Other Injuries

After transportation, equipment, and fall injuries, the most common accident Atlanta workers are involved with are from violence or other injuries from persons or animals. In 2013, a full 17 percent of fatal workplace injuries in Georgia were from violence or other injuries inflicted by people or animals.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

There are thousands of workplace injuries that are not as traumatic as the ones in the aforementioned categories, of course. Often times workers sustain  injuries over longer periods of time, including ones from repetitive motion. Almost any worker can suffer from repetitive motion injuries if their job involves performing a task from an awkward position, if they are exposed to constant vibration, repeatedly lifting heavy objects, or working with their hands. These injuries range from carpal tunnel syndrome to tendinitis and beyond.

Who Is Liable for Workplace Injuries

You may have many questions regarding liability if you have been injured in at your job in Georgia. According to Georgia laws, any business operating with more than three employees, whether regular or part-time, must provide workers’ compensation insurance. You can check if you are covered online.

Benefits of Consulting with an Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Being injured on the job can result in many difficulties including loss of income and paying medical bills. If  you or a loved one has been injured in a workplace accident and you have questions regarding how to claim workers’ compensation, consulting with a workers’ compensation attorney can help. Contact Workers Compensation Lawyers to speak with our team about how you can claim workers’ compensation. Get a free consultation by calling 678-504-6565.


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