Duluth Maximum Medical Improvement

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What Is Maximum Medical Improvement?

Under workers’ compensation policy in Georgia, Duluth maximum medical improvement (MMI) refers to the situation where you have recovered to the best of your ability such that further medical treatment will not improve your condition. Note that, Duluth Maximum Medical Improvement doesn’t necessarily mean that you have fully recovered. In some cases, you are likely going to experience some degree of impairment, disability or pain due to your work-related injury.

However, your treating physician has established that you can’t improve further than that. Under MMI, you will continue receiving treatment to maintain a certain level of functionality or to manage pain.

Who Determines If You Have Achieved Duluth Maximum Medical Improvement?

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Only the authorized treating physician can determine whether or not you have reached Duluth Maximum Medical Improvement. Remember, MMI means that you have improved to a level where no further medical treatment will improve your condition. Your employer can’t make a determination of MMI. If your employer tries to do this, their determination will not have a legal effect on your claim.

On the other hand, physical therapists or nurses can’t determine legally if you have reached MMI. Once your authorized treating physician has made a determination of MMI, they will assign a disability rating. Note that, you can’t make Duluth Maximum Medical Improvement determination by yourself. Yes, you might be feeling better or as good as you will get but this will not be considered as MMI legally.

Just because you might be feeling better, you might still be in a precarious condition that might deteriorate quickly resulting in further injury. The authorized treating physician can try out different treatments that might improve your condition. Therefore, MMI determination should only be left to the authorized treating physician in Duluth, GA.

Does Medical Treatment Continue After Duluth Maximum Medical Improvement Diagnosis?

After an MMI diagnosis, your physician will assign a disability rating. If you are healthy enough, the doctor will release you to handle unrestricted work and in some cases, your employer’s insurer will suspend your income benefits. However, in most cases, medical treatment will continue after an MMI diagnosis to allow you to function properly or to manage pain.

Note that, after an MMI diagnosis, your treating physician can’t try out any alternative therapies that might approve your condition. At this point, they should have tried out everything possible to make sure that you are healed to the best of their ability and knowledge. Any further treatment will not improve your condition.

What Happens If You Can’t Return To Work And Operate At The Same Level After Your Duluth Maximum Medical Improvement Diagnosis?

What is MMI?

After your doctor has assigned you a disability rating after an MMI diagnosis, they will determine whether or not you can go back to work at the same level or lower. Also, the disability rating will determine whether or not you can’t go back to work and if there are any restrictions available to make sure that you don’t get worse.

Here, you will receive compensation benefits depending on your level of disability these include:

  • Temporary Total Disability Benefits – They will be issued if you have been out of work for 7 days or more. TTD benefits amount to two-thirds of your weekly wages before the injury. They have a minimum payment of $50 and a maximum payment of $675 if you were injured after July 2019. TTD benefits are issued for a maximum of 400 weeks from the date of the injury unless you have suffered catastrophic injuries.
  • Temporary Partial Disability Benefits – You will receive these benefits to compensate your income if you have to go back to work but earn less than you did before the injury. They will two-thirds of the difference between your previous weekly wages and your current wages. The maximum amount you can receive for TPD benefits is $450 per week and will be issued for a maximum of 350 weeks.
  • Permanent Partial Disability – PPD benefits are calculated at the same rate as the TTD benefits but are only issued for a limited time. They are calculated depending on your disability rating and the weekly maximum depending on the part of your body that has been affected.
  • Permanent Total Disability Benefits – PTD benefits are calculated at the same rate as TTD benefits but are issued for the rest of your life. They are issued if you have lost the use of both of your feet, arms, legs or eyes.

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