Healthcare Workers in Atlanta at Risk of Contracting COVID-19

Last week, there were reports of an employee from a Canton-based Waffle House testing positive for the COVID-19 basis. The employee had only worked one day at the restaurant and was immediately sent home to self-quarantine. No other employees had tested positive for the virus. However, this was just the beginning. As of Monday of this week, at least 9 healthcare workers in the Atlanta area had tested positive for the virus.

Most of these workers were employed at either Grady Hospital or Emory University Hospital. Anyone who tested positive was sent home to self-quarantine.

An entire team of residents and physicians from Morehouse School of Medicine were working at Grady Hospital last week. They were treating a patient who was not admitted under suspicion of COVID-19. However, after treating the patient and running tests, they found that they were in fact infected. Now, the entire team from Morehouse is self-quarantined and some of them have tested positive.

The administration at both Grady and Emory University Hospitals say they’re taking all measures to prevent the infection of their staff. However, the team from Morehouse wasn’t even wearing protective gear at the time they were infected. The stringent protocols in place at these hospitals will likely become even more strict as this pandemic gets worse.

The employees at these hospitals who get sick are all at home and are self-quarantining. The number of healthcare workers in Georgia who end up infected is bound to increase quickly. These employees will likely be able to file for worker’s compensation. They are at a much greater risk than the rest of us. As long as they are on the front lines, they need to be extra careful.

If your loved one is infected with the COVID-19 at work, contact our workers’ compensation lawyers right away.