Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Morrow

As a no-fault type of insurance coverage, a workers’ compensation policy is meant to cushion employees against losses attributed to occupational accidents.

It also ensures they receive related benefits for their injuries, pain, loss, and suffering. Therefore, you could qualify to file for workers’ compensation benefits in Morrow, GA if you sustained a work-related injury or illness.

You could be entitled to benefits that cover your treatment expenses, permanent/temporary disability, lost wages, or death. However, most companies are never too happy about making losses related to compensation claims.

As such, many of them are keen on rejecting or lowering the claim. But you need not worry about the tactics your employer will use to deny you compensation benefits if you have an experienced lawyer representing you.

At Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition, we have accomplished Morrow workers’ compensation attorneys specializing in helping employees get their benefits. We have helped numerous individuals navigate the murky waters of workers’ comp lawsuits to recover damages.

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Georgia Workers’ Compensation Income Limits

According to Georgia workers’ compensation law, the benefits an employee might qualify to receive are subject to income limits, dependent on factors such as when the accident occurred and the victim’s salary when the incident happened. The law says that you, as the claimant, can get 2/3 of your weekly average income with a maximum payout of $675.

Nevertheless, the income limits have some similarities. For example, you might be awarded benefits that also cover your court charges, legal service fees, and litigation expenses. In such an instance, your attorney will, from the onset of the case, focus on ensuring that the benefits you are to receive accounts for each of the costs, considering the cutoff point.

Overall, determining or understanding the income limits can be frustrating if you do not work closely with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Morrow, Georgia. Therefore, it is best to find an experienced and dependable attorney that will fight for your rights while informing you of what to expect and how to surmount the various legal hurdles.

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What Are the Types of Workers Compensation Benefits in Georgia?

In Georgia, workers’ comp benefits are issued under four types differentiated and awarded according to the nature and severity of the victim’s injuries or subsequent disabilities. The four types are:

Temporary Total Disability Benefits (TTD)

According to Georgia’s Worker’s Compensation Act Code 34-9-621, an employee qualified for TTD benefits if they are recuperating after treatment and is unfit to resume work. Temporary total disability benefits are subject to a seven-day holding period. It can be voided if the worker’s recovery takes longer than a week, making it impossible to go back to work.

The TTD has a max payout of $675 payable over 400 weeks from when the occupational accident happened. However, the 400 weeks can be reduced to 52 weeks if the employee can resume work having been assigned light duties.

Temporary Partial Disability Benefit (TPD)

A worker qualifies for temporary partial disability benefits if the doctor determines the work-related illness or injury cause total disability. According to Georgia’s Worker’s Compensation Act Code 34-9-262, the employee can be allowed to resume work on a light-duty capacity, thus earning a lesser wage than before the accident.

That is why the TPD benefits are designed to fill the income difference. Temporary partial disability benefits are payable over 350 weeks with a max weekly income limit of $450.

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits (PPD)

Under the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act, an employee is eligible for permanent partial disability benefits if their attending physician determines their injury or sickness cannot improve with further treatment, meaning it has reached the MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement).

As a result, the claimant will still be nursing wounds, having a disability, disfigurement, or dealing with chronic pain. PPD benefits are meant to compensate the employee for such damages. They are calculated based on the severity of the injuries and the resulting disabilities determined by the attending physician. Permanent partial disability benefits are payable over 200 weeks.

Permanent Total Disability Benefit (PTD)

While workers’ compensation coverage is a government-sanctioned insurance policy that businesses with two or more employees must carry, it often is controlled at a state level. Therefore, the State of Georgia can impose specific rules that might differ from another state.

Permanent total disability benefits have a “gray area,” primarily because Georgia laws stipulate the claimant must meet some particular demands since it is a lifetime benefit. It is compensation awarded to workers involved in a work-related accident and lost limbs, eyes, or two or more body parts.

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How Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Morrow, GA Calculated?

Your workers’ comp claim’s worth is based on two primary issues – the type of occupational accident and the extent of your work-related illness or injury. It can be determined through three essential things that your lawyer will consider:

  • Calculating your weekly income by taking your average wage for work done over three months before the accident occurred.
  • You worked continuously over the three months; thus, your salary shall be estimated via similar wage rates.
  • Resort to exploiting the contracted rate of hire strategy if the first two options are not applicable in your situation.

Are Workers Compensation Benefits Taxed?

According to Georgia Workers’ Compensation Act, with the backing of the IRS code, workers’ compensation benefits are not taxable. Nevertheless, the law does stipulate that the awarded settlement be reported in certain situations.

Let Us Help You Get Workers’ Compensation Benefits

You could qualify for the workers’ compensation benefits, but you also should expect to encounter some challenges when pursuing the claim. For starters, employers and their insurance carriers do not like making losses and will fight to reduce or deny your claim.

On the other hand, there are various legal requirements you must honor when filing a claim. Therefore, working with an experienced attorney is your best bet if you want to improve your odds of getting a fair settlement.

At Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition, we have accomplished attorneys specializing in helping employees get their benefits in Morrow and across Georgia. We have helped numerous individuals navigate the murky waters of workers’ comp lawsuits to recover damages. Therefore, are know that we are the legal counsel you seek in your quest for justice.

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