Reports of Delays in 911 Call for Atlanta Worker Who Died in Construction Accident

Last month, there were reports of a construction worker in Atlanta who had died in a freak accident. The information released was very limited. All authorities confirmed was that a young man named Carl Newman, from Atlanta, had died while making repairs to a water line on Kirkwood Road.

New information has been released regarding the man’s death. Apparently, he was working on repairing a pipe on Kirkwood Road on February 2, 2020. While attempting to saw through a pipe, the blade on the saw malfunctioned and three teeth protruded from the saw. The blade was fractured and, as a result, ended up slicing into Newman’s arm.

Now we know that Newman actually ran to the local police station for help. An officer there promptly applied a tourniquet to the cut and called for an ambulance. The problem is, there neighborhood where the accident happened was on the border of both Fulton and DeKalb counties.

When the call was first placed to 911, the clerk who received the call accidentally referred the call to Grady Hospital. This is the hospital that services the Fulton County area. The call was immediately referred back to the clerk. They said that the call needed to be placed to DeKalb County instead.

This continued who was appears to be close to 20 minutes. All this time, Newman sat outside the police station, bleeding. Finally, an EMT from American Medical Response out of Dekalb County was dispatched to the scene. It took him about 12 minutes to get to the victim.
While the EMT was on his way to the scene, he heard a call for “Signal 48” on his radio. This is the call sign for a patient who has died.

Newman did indeed pass away from his injuries.

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