Sargent Maximum Medical Improvement

Regardless of the cause or whether you have started working today, you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits in Sargent, given the company has at least three workers. Workers’ compensation is a policy that was implemented by the government to provide financial help to employees who sustain injuries or get sick while at work. So, even if you have a Sargent Maximum Medical Improvement diagnosis, you can still get workers’ comp benefits.

These benefits include payment for medical bills, a portion of their lost wages, disability, and even death. However, these benefits have a time limit and particular criteria that you should meet in order to receive them. When filing a workers’ compensation claim, you need to do so in a manner that clearly shows you deserve the benefits, and this includes a proper understanding of maximum medical improvement (MMI)

The workers’ compensation landscape can become complicated, especially when you include aspects like MMI. That’s why it is advisable to have help from a Sargent workers’ compensation lawyer. An attorney from the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition will help you navigate this process and achieve the desired results. Reach out by calling our offices at 470-518-5026 .

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What Is Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)?

MMI or Maximum Medical Improvement is a term common in workers’ comp claims. It refers to when an injury after experiencing a workplace accident improves to a point where it reaches its maximum. This means that any further treatment will not improve its condition. In some cases, however, it may imply that your injury is completely healed and you’re back to the level before the accident occurred.

MMI might happen when you’re still receiving treatment, particularly if the treatment is meant to ascertain a certain degree of functionality. When you have a Sargent maximum medical improvement diagnosis, you’ll be given a permanent partial disability rating.

Who Decides When You Have Reached MMI in Sargent, GA?

It is important to note that only an authorized physician is allowed to decide whether or not you have reached MMI. If any other party does it, it’s voided and deemed unlawful. Keep in mind that max medical improvement isn’t a state of mind or place, and can only be reached after treatment.

A qualified and authorized doctor makes a determination if you have improved to their level. Note that MMI does not imply you are better, but rather improved to the highest level possible, depending on your injury.

Even if you feel like you’re better and it’s as good as you will ever get, it won’t be considered as an MMI until the physician makes the determination. Ideally, your employer or insurance provider cannot make this determination. Simply because you feel better does not mean there are no alternative treatments that might improve your condition.

Does Treatment Continue After an MMI Diagnosis?

Just because you have reached max medical improvement does not imply that medical treatment should stop. You are still eligible for pain management and annual doctor visits, with the expenses covered by your employer. The authorized physician, at this point, however, cannot come up with alternative treatment options as it would void the MMI diagnosis.

What If You Can’t Go Back to Your Job and Perform at the Same Level?

Even after an MMI diagnosis, you might find it hard to go back to work due to your injuries or occupational condition. However, in the state of Georgia, you’re still eligible for weekly wage benefits and medical treatment even after reaching max medical improvement.

If you’re unable to resume work full-time, you will continue to receive benefits for a period of 400 weeks. In most cases, however, once an MMI diagnosis is made, the employer’s insurance carrier may decide to settle the case. This is often done when the medical treatment has wound down or no longer makes any significant change.

Ensure you discuss your treatment with a workers’ comp attorney in order to determine the best time to resolve the claim. As earlier mentioned, max medical improvement can only be determined by an approved physician, and so, after sustaining an injury, you should consult one who will pay attention to your needs.

If you’re healthy enough, you’ll get an MMI rating, and the physician will allow you to resume work without any limitations. This is where the workers’ compensation benefits come to a halt.

However, if you’ve been given a permanent disability rating, it implies that you cannot resume work, and if you do, there will be limitations in place. If you’re partially disabled, you can still receive benefits, but the amount will depend on the percentage of disability. If you have any queries about returning to work after an MMI diagnosis, contact us at 470-518-5026 .

Get Help With Your Sargent Maximum Medical Improvement Case

If you contract a disease or sustain injuries due to a workplace accident, you may be eligible for workers’ comp benefits. However, in order to qualify, you need to meet certain requirements, which are not always obvious. Once you’ve qualified for these benefits, you should be able to receive them as long as you make a solid claim within the set deadlines.

With an MMI diagnosis in Sargent, GA, it’s imperative to know what your practitioner means if you have to continue getting your workers’ comp benefits. Once you get a disability rating, our team can help ascertain you receive adequate compensation to be able to lead a comfortable life.

Over the years, we have worked with numerous employers and insurance providers and know they lowball in order to pay out as little as possible. Without this knowledge, you might end up dealing with hefty bills in addition to the injury or disease.

Our firm is renowned for putting its clients first and fighting aggressively to ensure they are fully and fairly compensated for their work-related injuries. Whether you are looking to make a claim for your injuries or have reached maximum medical improvement, our seasoned team of lawyers will work hard to tell you your legal options and the best way forward.

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