Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Winder

If you have had the unfortunate ordeal of suffering a work injury, chances are that you need to receive medical care to recuperate. Also, you may be incapacitated such that you’re unable to perform any work. The whole reason for the workers’ compensation program is ensuring that injured workers are compensated. According to the workers’ compensation law in Georgia, it doesn’t matter whether the injured employee was the direct cause of their injuries, or the employer was negligent. So, to win workers’ compensation benefits in Winder, you need a lawyer, and we can serve you the best.

But there are instances where the employer and their insurer may try to avoid paying what they owe. They may allege that the employee engaged in some wrongful action(s) that disqualify them from seeking compensation or that the injury sustained resulted from an underlying health condition. Our Winder workers’ compensation lawyers are familiar with the tricks and will apply appropriate measures to combat them.

So if you have been the victim of a workplace injury, you are entitled to receive compensation to cater to your medical care needs and weather the financial storm you may be facing. To find more information on workers’ compensation benefits, reach out to an attorney at the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition in Winder, GA. Our experienced lawyers can help you seek the reimbursement you require to get back on your feet. We offer a free case evaluation to work injury victims.

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Georgia Workers’ Compensation Income Limits

Worker’s compensation pay in the State of Georgia is generally taken as two-thirds of the standard weekly wage, though a lot is based on the exact salary amount and accident date.

But there’s a cap on the workers’ compensation income amount. For example, the limit for TTD is $675. But if the average weekly pay exceeds $675 per week, the injured employee will still be subject to receive the maximum amount which is $675.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Winder, Georgia

Injured employees in the State of Georgia can receive one of four categories of workers’ compensation benefits based on the duration of the injury and the extent of the injury.

Here’s an overview of the different types of workers’ compensation benefits you stand to gain in Winder, GA.

Temporary Total Disability Benefits in GA Workers Comp (TTD)

An injured employee qualifies for TTD if the attending physician stipulates they are physically incapable of working or if the doctor has recommended ‘light duty work’ but there isn’t such a role available.

For the workers’ comp benefits to set in, there’s a waiting duration of seven days. If the injured employee isn’t at work for seven days, the said person qualifies to get temporary total disability benefits. If the victim of the workplace injury isn’t able to work for 21 days, they also qualify to be reimbursed for the waiting duration.

The average weekly salary of the injured staff determines TTD benefits. This is calculated as two-thirds of the standard weekly salary of the injured staff. If you got hurt on or after 1st July 2019, your maximum compensable amount will be $675.

Temporary Partial Disability Benefits in GA Workers Comp (TPD)

TPD benefits are applicable to inured staff members that aren’t entirely disabled and can get back to work on a light-duty role or a simplified version of the job. In such circumstances, the injured staff will not be able to make the original amount they did pre-accident. Temporary Partial Disability Benefits are meant to cover the financial gap deficit.

TPD coverage is two-thirds of the dissimilarity between the two salary amounts. If you suffered an injury on or after 1st July 2019, the maximum compensable amount you’re entitled to get is $450. Note that the injured employee is entitled to receive TTD payments for 350 weeks following the accident date.

Concept of Workers' Compensation Benefits in Winder

Permanent Partial Disability Benefits in GA Workers Comp (PPD)

Permanent partial disabilities can result from occupational diseases or work injuries. It’s important to bear in mind that when you get PPD benefits, you can’t receive either TPD or TTD benefits. An injured staff member becomes qualified to receive PPD benefits once their attending physician establishes that they have attained maximum medical improvement. MMI refers to the capacity the body has to recuperate from said injury.

Weekly payments for PPD will sum up to two-thirds of the standard weekly salary of the injured working summing up to $675 if you suffered an injury on or after 1st July 2019. The insurer may choose to make the benefits payments weekly, or in one large lump sum.

PPD benefits are derived by multiplying the impairment rating established by the attending physician by the number of weeks that’s permissible under the law for the injured body part.

Permanent Total Disability Benefits in GA Workers Comp (PTD)

No such classification exists in Georgia.

How Are Georgia Workers’ Compensation Benefits Calculated?

There are three methods used for calculating workers’ compensation benefits:

  • Computing the average salary of the injured employee for the past 13 weeks leading to the accident date.
  • Comparing the average weekly pay of the injured worker with fellow employees performing the same task.
  • Multiplying the average hourly rate by the number of hours worked.

Are Georgia Workers Compensation Benefits Taxed?

As per IRS statutes and Georgia law, workers’ comp benefits aren’t classified as income, thus are not subject to taxation.

Speak With a Winder Workers’ Compensation Lawyer About Benefits

A work injury can result in serious injuries and may qualify you to receive workers’ comp benefits under workers’ compensation law in Georgia. So if you got hurt at the workplace, there are protocols in place that will see you receive financial resources and medical care you require to recuperate. But actually getting your deserved workers’ compensation benefits in Winder, GA may prove to be daunting without having legal help.

A skilled workers’ comp lawyer can help explain the potential benefits you are owed and assist you to get the maximum compensable amount. At the Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Coalition in Winder GA, we have dealt with several types of these claims and can definitely help you. Give us a call today to get a free-of-charge case evaluation.