Reporting a Work-Related Injury in Winston

It is a common misconception that workplace accidents only happen in especially dangerous work environments such as steel mills or construction yards. The truth is that no matter how your employer tries to run a safe work environment, accidents still happen. But if you have been injured in the “scope and context” of your work activities, there is compensation available for you.

Reporting a work-related injury in Winston, GA is necessary to win your deserved compensation. You will also have to follow proper procedure and be aware of the various time constraints and details involved with filing your claims for worker’s comp

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Is There a Time Limit for Reporting a Work-Related Injury in Winston, Georgia?

It is imperative that your workplace injury report is submitted to your employer in a timely fashion. If you do not notify your employer of your workplace injury within the proper time frame, then you may lose your right to compensation. The time limit in which you will have to make this report is 30 days. This gives you enough time to have your injury examined by a medical professional and allows your employer to investigate the matter.

Failure to make a report within this 30-day time frame can result in your claim for worker’s compensation being made void. These 30 days will begin on the day the incident occurred that resulted in your injuries.

On the other hand, if you have developed a condition or illness caused by the conditions of your work environment or repetitive motion involved with your work, the 30-day time frame will begin counting down from the moment you become aware of the condition by receiving a medical examination and diagnosis.

Who Should I Report My Workplace Injury to?

If you have been injured in the workplace or within the scope and context of your professional responsibilities, you will need to have your injuries examined by a medical professional. This examination and treatment must be performed by an approved doctor listed by your employer. The panel of approved physicians should be found posted in your place of work where all can see, if not you can ask your employer for a copy of the list or request one from your company’s HR department.

After having your injuries or conditions examined by a doctor you will receive a plan for full recovery, this will include a recommended time that you will be excused from work.

You must report the injury to your employer, supervisor, or the foreman of your work location. There is no law that says this report must be made in writing, but we recommend written reports in the form of an email as opposed to verbal reports. This is because in case of a dispute a written report, like an email, provides evidence that the report was made on time and this can strengthen your case.

Some important details to include in this report are:

  • The location where the injury was sustained
  • Time of the incident that resulted in an injury
  • How you became aware of the injury
  • Parts of the body that were injured
  • Coworkers or supervisors who were present when the injury was sustained.

Concept of Reporting a Work-Related Injury in Winston

Employer Responsibilities After a Workplace Injury

Once your employer has received your injury report they will be required to take some steps to begin the claims process. Here is what your employer is required to do:

Record and Report the Injury

According to the guidelines outlined by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, your employer is required to make a report and record of the injury in their accidents and injuries record. If the injury resulted in the employee receiving an amputation or losing an eye, the report must be made within 24 hours of the accident. If the accident resulted in hospitalization or death, the incident must be reported in 8 hours.

Report the Injury to the Insurance Carrier

Once you have made the report of injury to your employer, they will be required to contact their insurance carrier and begin the claims process. They will also be required to submit their report to the SBWC with the WC-1 form (Employer’s First Report of Injury or Occupational Disease). This must be done within 21 days of receiving the report or they could face penalties. Make sure that you have asked your employer for a copy of the report made to keep with your personal records.

Employee’s Responsibilities After a Workplace Accident

If you are hurt at work or develop an occupational disease, you must fulfill certain responsibilities in order to claim workers’ compensation.

Obtain Medical Treatment From an Approved Medical Practitioner

After becoming injured in a workplace accident, it is essential to seek medical attention from an approved medical practitioner. If you do not have your injuries examined by a doctor from the panel of approved medical practitioners, you may jeopardize your right to worker’s compensation. This doctor will provide you with a plan for treatment and recovery that will include an amount of time you will be dismissed from work to heal.

File Your Claim With the State Board of Workers’ Compensation in Georgia

It is also essential that you file your report with the SBWC. This can be done by filling out the WC-14 form available on the SBWC website. Alternatively, you can get this report from your HR department or your employer themselves. You will need to submit one form to the SWBC, another to your employer and it is a good idea to keep one form for your personal records.

Make Sure the Insurer Is Informed

While it is the responsibility of your employer to notify their insurance provider and keep you updated with the progress of the claim, it is a mistake to assume that your claim is progressing as it should. Contact the insurance carrier for your employer and the insurance provider handling your case. The contact information you need can be petitioned from your employer.

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