Can You Collect Workers’ Compensation in Atlanta if You’re Only Out of Work for a Month?

We often urge people to visit one of our workers’ comp attorneys in Atlanta before they file their workers’ compensation claim. It’s critical that you file your claim properly. It’s also important that you have an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer there to make sure you get the benefits you deserve.

Even if you’re only going to be out of work for a short time, you should still be entitled to benefits.

Workers’ Compensation Doesn’t Discriminate Based on the Seriousness of Your Injuries

One of the things about the workers’ compensation system in Georgia is that it covers almost all employees. With the exception of a few specific industries, employers are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance to make sure their employees are protected.

Georgia’s workers’ compensation law does not say you need to be out of work for months or even a year. The only requirement as far as missed time is concerned is that you be out of work for at least seven (7) calendar days.

Our Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Have Handled a Variety of Cases Over the Years

Our workers’ comp attorneys in Atlanta have decades of combined experience. Over that time, they have handled all sorts of cases. Some of our clients are back to work in a month or two. Others are not able to work again as a result of their workplace accident.

The truth is that everybody’s workers’ compensation case is different. That’s what makes things interesting for our Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyers. They look at each case as a challenge, with their ultimate goal being that their client receives the benefits they deserve.

Some of Our Clients Were Out of Work for Over a Year

For some people, a workplace accident can be life-changing. If you work in construction and fall off scaffolding, you’ll suffer devastating injuries. You could end up in a wheelchair. Or you could sustain a traumatic brain injury, causing long-term health issues.

One thing we will say is that it is very rare that any of our clients stay out on workers’ compensation for the full 400 weeks. That is the limit to how long a person can receive benefits in Georgia. By that point, their case has usually been settled.

Our Workers Comp Attorneys in Atlanta Have Represented Clients With Minor Injuries As Well

While some of our clients sustain life-threatening injuries, others fare much better. Depending on the kind of work you do, the extent of your workplace injuries may be minor.

For example, if you work in an office, the odds of you suffering a spinal cord injury are low. Instead, you’re more likely to suffer a wrist sprain or a back injury. While these injuries can be very painful, you will usually heal rather quickly from them.

Your Atlanta workers’ comp lawyer will win your benefits.

What Are Some of the Injuries That Workers Recover from Quickly?

Certain work-related injuries are likely to heal in a matter of weeks rather than months. Once you go to the emergency room from work, you may be referred to a specialist. Many times, our clients are prescribed several weeks of physical therapy.

In order for your workers’ compensation benefits to continue, you need to comply with your doctor’s treatment plan. All in, you could be back at work in anywhere from four to eight weeks.

Sprains and Strains

When you suffer a sprain or strain, you will be in serious pain. Our workers’ comp attorneys in Atlanta have represented clients who feel better after their physical therapy than they did before their injury.

One of the problems with this sort of injury is that it can feel like you’re better, and then you aggravate the sprain or strain. It’s important that you do not return to work until you’re fully healed. Otherwise, you’ll risk your injury getting worse.

Broken Finger or Toe

Our Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyers have represented a lot of warehouse and factory workers. They are prone to all sorts of injuries. For example, if your hand gets stuck in a piece of machinery, you could break one or more of your fingers.

The same thing is true for your toes. If a heavy crate or box falls on your foot, you may break a couple of toes. The good news is that these injuries tend to heal rather quickly as long as you give them rest and time to heal.


If you’re a commercial driver, odds are, you will probably be involved in at least one accident in your career. Thankfully, most motor vehicle accidents are minor. You may end up with whiplash, and injury that heals itself over time.

The problem is that, if you drive for a living, you can’t do that with whiplash. Your range of motion will be extremely limited. It isn’t safe to get behind the wheel. However, whiplash usually heals itself in a matter of days or weeks.

Your Atlanta Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Will Make Sure You Get Benefits 

Our workers’ comp attorneys in Atlanta can help, regardless of the type of injury you suffered. As long as you meet the basic criteria for workers’ comp benefits, you should be fine. Your Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer will also make sure you aren’t forced to go back to work too early.

You Do Have to Miss More Than Seven Days from Work

It’s also important to remember that you will not qualify for workers’ comp benefits until you have missed seven (7) days from work. This is seven calendar days, not business days. Once you miss your eighth day, your benefits will kick in.

Now, you won’t receive benefits for the first seven days. However, if you end up out of work for twenty-one (21) days, you’ll receive retroactive pay for that first seven-day period.

If You Aren’t Sure if You Should File a Claim, Call One of Our Workers Comp Attorneys in Atlanta

In order to qualify for workers comp benefits, you need to report your workplace injuries within thirty (30) days. This means you have a little time to think about whether you should apply for benefits. This also means you have time to talk to an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer.

Our workers’ comp attorneys in Atlanta always tell our clients that, when in doubt, report your injuries. If there’s a chance you’re going to miss work due to your workplace injury, you should take advantage of the benefits offered by workers’ compensation.