Will Workers’ Compensation Cover All My Losses?

As an employee in Atlanta, workers’ compensation provides you financial benefits when you sustain work-related injuries. Employers who fail to provide workers’ compensation insurance are guilty of a misdemeanor. When your Atlanta workers’ compensation attorney files a claim on your behalf, you can get damages to cover your lost wages.

You’ll also get compensation for your medical bills. Fortunately, unlike in other personal injury claims, you don’t need to prove fault in work comp cases. However, you cannot file a lawsuit under the workers’ compensation system. In addition, you may not also recover damages for certain injuries under the system.

This article covers all you need to know about compensable injuries and losses in Atlanta’s work comp system. We’ll also discuss the losses that workers’ compensation doesn’t cover and your options to get additional compensation.

What Injuries and Damages Does Workers’ Compensation Insurance Cover?

Atlanta’s workers’ compensation system covers a wide range of injuries and compensation benefits. For better comprehension, we’ve grouped them into:

  • Work-Related Injuries 

Generally, workers’ compensation covers on-the-job injuries. That refers to injuries that you sustained in a work accident while carrying out your legal duties. So, you can’t claim work comp benefits for domestic injuries, for example. That will result in workers’ compensation fraud, a serious offense in Atlanta.

  • Occupational Diseases  

Occupational diseases are illnesses that are commonly associated with an industry or occupation. Such diseases are due to continued exposure to certain hazards in the work environment. Common occupational diseases include respiratory illnesses, musculoskeletal disorders, stress, infectious diseases, hearing loss, cancer, dermatitis, and many more.

  • Medical Expenses 

Workers’ compensation typically covers the cost of your medical treatment. That includes prescription medications, ambulance rides, surgical procedures, and other medical costs. It may also include costs for medical and vocational rehabilitation and travel expenses.

  • Lost Wages 

Many times, when you sustain a work-related injury, you can’t return to work immediately. You may end up being out of work for extended periods, which will usually mean no source of income. However, the workers’ compensation system will provide benefits for your lost wages.

  • Funeral Expenses 

If you die in a work-related accident, your work comp insurance will cover your burial costs.

What Is Not Covered by Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

There are also many instances where workers’ compensation will not provide benefits for your injuries.

  • Injuries Resulting From Employee’s Intentional Act or Intoxication

Atlanta’s compensation operates on a no-fault system. However, that’s not a license to engage in dangerous activities purposefully. If you sustained an intentional injury or your work-related accident was due to intoxication, you wouldn’t be eligible for compensation.

  • Injuries Due to Illegal Activities and Policy Violations 

Workers’ compensation will not be used as an instrument to sustain illegality. As such, you will not be entitled to compensation if your injury was due to illegal activity. This applies when you refuse to follow safety rules too.

  • Driving to/From Work 

The injuries you sustain in an accident while commuting to and from work aren’t compensable. That’s especially when you weren’t running errands for your company at the time. However, if you can show that you also carried out work duties on your way home, your injuries may be compensable.

  • Pain and Suffering 

Pain and suffering are some of the typical damages in a personal injury lawsuit. However, you can’t get that kind of compensation in a workers’ compensation claim.

  • Horseplay or Practical Jokes

If you sustained injuries due to playing rough at your workplace, you wouldn’t be entitled to compensation.

What if My Employer Denies My Claim in Atlanta?

Your employer or the company’s insurance company may deny you compensation when you don’t qualify for one. For example, there’s no use applying for compensation when your injuries were due to your intoxication. However, sometimes, your employer may deny your compensation claims unjustly. When that happens, you can appeal the decision and request a hearing. Your Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can help you with the rest of the process.

Contact the Best Workers’ Compensation Attorneys in Atlanta ASAP! 

Sustaining a compensable work-related injury in Atlanta is just one part of your workers’ comp case. Getting your financial benefits through a claims process is where the challenge is. That’s because workers’ compensation claims are complex, and you need expert help to navigate them.

Our workers’ compensation lawyers in Atlanta can assess your case and fight for justice on your behalf. We know all about the tricks your employer and their insurance companies will likely pull to deny your claim. We’re always ready to beat them at their game. So contact us for a free case evaluation today.