Atlanta Workers: How Does Vocational Rehabilitation Help?

In Atlanta, you can get workers’ compensation benefits for your work-related injuries. Having an Atlanta workers’ compensation lawyer can make the process much easier for you. Workers’ compensation benefits include medical bills, permanent disability benefits, temporary disability benefits, etc. In some cases, it involves the cost of vocational rehabilitation.

Generally, the type of workers’ compensation benefits you’ll receive depends on specific elements in your case. Sometimes, medical bills and lost wages will suffice until you return to work. However, some work injuries can cause disabilities that make it impossible to return to your job. In such cases, vocational rehabilitation (VR) becomes necessary in ensuring that you earn a living regardless of your impairments.

Not many Atlanta employees understand how vocational rehabilitation works. So, we’ve put together a comprehensive article detailing all you should know about VR programs as a work comp benefit. We’ll begin with the goal of vocational rehab services in Atlanta.

What’s the Goal of Vocational Rehabilitation in Atlanta?

As we mentioned earlier, on-the-job injuries can take different twists. Sometimes, they aren’t severe and will temporarily keep you away from work. Other times, they may be so debilitating that you’ll have to find alternative employment or change job roles.

A vocational rehabilitation program helps to prepare you for your new job roles. The Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency says it helps employees “obtain and maintain employment in a competitive integrated work site.” Eligible workers include those with permanent physical and mental disabilities.

For example, permanently blind or deaf employees will typically be eligible for vocational rehabilitation. In addition, some workers with severe traumatic brain injuries and repetitive strain injuries may also qualify. We’ll discuss how vocational rehabilitation can help you as this article progresses.

Who Is Eligible to Receive Vocational Rehabilitation Services in Atlanta?

Your VR expert is the authority on eligibility for the rehab program. You can also hire an experienced work comp attorney in Atlanta to assess how qualified you are.

However, your eligibility will typically be based on these elements:

  • Permanent physical or mental work-related injuries
  • You’re receiving workers’ compensation benefits, or you’re eligible to receive them.
  • Restricted or total inability to continue your previous job because of your disability
  • Possibility of gaining new employment from the vocational rehabilitation services

What Are the Ways Vocational Rehabilitation Will Help Me?

As an injured worker in the vocational rehabilitation program, you will enjoy the following services:

  • Vocational Counseling and Guidance

Vocational counseling helps you to deal with specific concerns or challenges arising from the process, your expectations, and your needs. The counselors will provide you with enough information to guide you through the process.

  • Referral Services

After a disability, you may need other services to get you back on track. Vocational rehabilitation programs include referring you to such services after liaising with them.

  • Resume Development

Your VR program will help in your job search. They’ll also help you develop a new resume to suit your new industry.

  • Skills Enhancement

If you need new skills for your new job, vocational rehabilitation will help you develop them. They will do that through job coaching, on-the-job training, business school, etc.

  • Supported Employment

VR services will provide you with what you need to remain in your new employment when you get a job.

The Vocational Rehabilitation Process

Here’s how the Georgia vocational rehabilitation process works:

  • Meeting

The first step includes completing your application via a scheduled meeting with a VR counselor. The counselor will explain what you need to know about the program during the session.

  • Assessments

The VR expert will evaluate your disability. The assessment is to determine your eligibility for the program.

  • Expectations and Goals

If you’re qualified for VR services, the expert will discuss your expectations and employment goals.

  • Return-to-Work Plan

The VR experts will develop a workable plan to help you gain new employment. The return-to-work plan is personalized and will be tailored to suit your specific needs and goals.

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