30-Year Old Georgia Worker Killed in Ammonia Leak

Most of us get up in the morning, go to work, and just look forward to the weekend. Sure, if we do dangerous type of work, we may worry that we could get hurt or killed on the job. But, for most employees, the thought that something could happen at work that could jeopardize their life is foreign. Sadly, this is exactly what happened for a 30-year old Woodstock, Georgia man this past week.

Anthony Lamattina was an employee at a company in North Carolina called Linear Logistics. The company was responsible for storing and shipping a variety of foods. As part of his job, Lamattina had to spend time in an industrial freezer. He was in there with another coworker, Carson Brandon Drawdy last Friday.

Apparently, there was an ammonia leak in the freezer. Ammonia can be dangerous when inhaled. In small doses, it can cause your throat to burn. It can also cause significant breathing problems. When it’s absorbed in large doses, it can be very dangerous, even deadly.

30-year old Anthony Lamattina was somehow exposed to a lethal dose of ammonia while working in Linear Logistics’ freezer. His coworker was also sick but he was taken to the local hospital for treatment. He is expected to be okay. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Lamattina. He passed away from his injuries.

There is currently a GoFundMe page to raise money to transport the victim’s body back from Georgia to New York. We imagine that the victim’s family is also going to consider filing a suit for wrongful death against Anthony’s employer.

If your loved one is injured or hurt at work, contact our office immediately.

Source: https://www.wcnc.com/article/news/local/linear-logistics-worker-killed-identified/275-655fc5d5-e6ce-4cc1-8581-a451ac666a5d