Can You Get in Trouble for Filing Too Many Workers’ Comp Claims in Alpharetta?

Most of us will make it our entire lives without ever having to deal with workers’ comp claims. Maybe you work in an office and don’t really have to do any physical labor. Or perhaps you’re just lucky. Whatever the reason, a lot of people make it through an entire career without having a work injury. Other people aren’t so lucky. They get seriously injured at work and have no choice but to go out of work to get treatment. Or maybe they work around chemicals that make them sick.

Regardless of what causes the injury, if it happens on the job, you should be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. This is why so many people who do get hurt on the job call an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in Alpharetta. They want to make sure they get the benefits they’re entitled to. They also want to make sure they aren’t forced to return to work before they’re fully healed.

But what happens to people who file workers’ comp claims every couple of years? Are they blackballed from receiving benefits? In a nutshell, the answer is no. You can’t legally be denied workers’ comp benefits because you’ve filed a claim in the past. However, if you’re the kind of person who files for workers’ comp every year or two, it will become suspicious. Employers and insurance companies can spot someone like this a mile away.

There are people who take advantage of the system. They exaggerate their injuries or file a claim that’s outright fraudulent. Most people would never think of doing something like this. And if your Alpharetta workers’ comp attorney learns that this is the case, they may not be willing to represent you.

However, if you have suffered a legitimate work-related injury, then you should call an experienced workers’ comp lawyer. They know how the workers’ comp process works. They also know what you’re entitled to. And, if you have filed a prior workers’ comp claim, it may not necessarily mean your claim will be denied. But your chances of having your claim approved increase if you have a skilled lawyer by your side.

Insurance Companies are Suspicious of People Who File Multiple Claims

If you’ve never had to file a workers’ compensation claim in your life, than you probably have no idea how complex the process really is. First, you have to make sure you report your injury to your manager or Human Resources. Then, you have to get treatment from a company-approved doctor. You must comply with all treatment recommendations or you can lose your benefits. And, you’re at the mercy of your doctor to determine when you’re actually ready to return to work. This is because it’s your employer who’s paying for your workers’ comp insurance. They have the right to demand that you behave a certain way in order to continue to receive benefits.

So, it’s no surprise that your employer will be suspicious if you’ve filed workers’ comp claims in the past. When they submit your paperwork to the insurance company, the adjuster will look to see if you’ve filed any recent claims. When they see that you’ve filed at least one prior case, they may get suspicious. They’ll look to see what kinds of injuries you claimed in your prior claims. If they involved the same part of the body as your current claim, it may be cause for them to deny it. They don’t want to pay out a bunch of money for treatment and weekly benefits if you had a pre-existing condition.

They also don’t appreciate people who file fraudulent workers’ comp claims. If they think you’re this kind of person, they’re not going to approve your claim.

If You’re Afraid Your Workers’ Comp Claim Will Be Denied, Call Our Office Right Away

Some people do get hurt more than once throughout their careers. For example, if you do physical labor, then there’s always the chance that you could hurt your knees or back. This shouldn’t prevent you from receiving workers’ compensation benefits in Georgia. So, if your claim is denied, then you should call our office. You can sit down with an experienced workers’ comp lawyer in Alpharetta and discuss your case. They’ll negotiate with the insurance company and try to get your claim approved. And if that doesn’t work, they’ll file a lawsuit on your behalf.