Reporting a Work-Related Injury in Lithonia

If you’ve sustained an injury at work within Lithonia, GA, it is important to get the assistance of a seasoned lawyer to represent you in making a claim for compensation. Although you may decide to go through the process on your own, it is usually recommended to work with a Lithonia workers’ compensation lawyer as they will be of tremendous help to you when you are reporting a work-related injury in Lithonia.

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How Can an Experienced Attorney Help Me File My Claim for Workers’ Compensation?

They will make sure you submit your claim in the correct way , and decrease the likelihood of it being denied . If you are working with an experienced lawyer, you are more likely to get the entire information right and ensure that you file your claim correctly. A lawyer can provide advice on the best strategies to use when your employer claims that your injury happened at work.

The claim must be reported in time. Employers do not all like their employees’ claims to move forward. The employer could delay the process, which makes it harder for you to file your claim within the specified time. If you choose to hire an attorney to represent your rights and protect your rights, they will make sure that the process doesn’t last longer than 30 days. If you are recuperating from a medical condition, the lawyer will make sure that your employer follows the procedure to ensure your case is handled within the timeframes set by the court.

Your lawyer will ensure that you get all benefits possible – The employer’s insurance provider might not want to cover all benefits you’re entitled to receive, which means that you will probably be forced to accept what they offer. However, with an attorney, you’re informed of the benefits you need to file for. Your lawyer may also try to convince an attorney to obtain an improved rating than if you are a doctor selected by insurance companies.

These are only a handful of the many benefits that you receive from a worker’s comp lawyer in the event of a workplace accident or file an insurance claim.

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These queries will help you if you’ve been injured while at work in Lithonia or Georgia.

What is the Time Frame in Reporting a Workplace Injury in Lithonia, GA?

You are given 30 days to report the event. Anything more than that may result in the loss of benefits. Keep in mind that your employer may not follow up on the procedure to ensure that your claim is processed immediately, which is why it is always best to have a lawyer represent you.

Who Do I Have to Report a Work-Related Injury To?

Every workplace accident should be reported to your supervisor immediately and documented. Informing your coworkers about the incident that led to the injury does not count as an official report.

Your supervisor must be informed of the incident so they can report it to the insurance company. Your injuries will be examined by a medical professional to confirm that they were caused from an accident on the job. This is essential because the insurance company has to confirm that the claim was not exaggerated or fraudulent.

reporting a work-related injury in Lithonia

What Are the Responsibilities of the Employer in the Event of a Workplace Injury?

Your employer has the following obligations after an employee is injured at work;

The determination of the severity of injury and getting medical assistance for the employee. If the injury was triggered by unsafe work areas, the employer should investigate the safety issue.

Notifying the worker’s compensation carrier regarding the injury. The claims adjuster will reach out in the event of a dispute with your claim after the employer has reported it to the carrier, making timely reports essential. The details of the incident that led to the injury will be required by your employer. These include the dates and times of the incident, the location, description of the incident, and the date that you became aware of the injury.

Answering all questions asked by the insurance company about the incident. If there is a need to clarify the employer can discuss the injury with the employee who was injured and any others who were present at the incident.

What Are the Responsibilities of the Employee in the Event of a Workplace Injury?

It is legal to notify your employer in the event that you suffer an injury while on the job.

Contact a coworker to inform them of the incident and then report the work-related injury immediately to your supervisor. The latter can act as a witness should one be required in the course of a claim.

Be cautious in situations where you are required to make an account. This isn’t required by law. In most cases, it could result in insurance companies being able to record you against your wishes, which can result in you losing benefits.

Keep a diary of the incident and subsequent incidents. It is essential to keep track of who and when you talk to each other.

A lawyer can look over the worker’s compensation claim, and offer you suggestions on the next steps. An attorney is essential in order to obtain all benefits.

Get medical attention by a doctor who is approved. It is not recommended to seek medical care from any physician other than the one you have selected. Your insurance provider may not be able to cover the costs of independent doctors.

If the insurance or employer company requires an employee to undergo a medical examination, the employee must be subject to an independent medical exam. Sometimes, they will also require the injured employee to take a drug test to confirm that they weren’t under the influence when getting injured.

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