Macon Workers’ Compensation Disputes

Workers Compensation benefits are accessible to you in the event that you get injured on the job. It is common for the insurance company of an employer to refuse you benefits or provide a lesser amount than you are entitled to. Worker’s Compensation Lawyers Coalition Macon will ensure that you receive all benefits you’re entitled to.

Here’s what you should be aware of about workers’ compensation claims in Georgia. And, what should you do in the event that your claim is denied.

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What Are The Causes Of Macon Workers’ Compensation Disputes

Here are the reasons why that your workers’ compensation benefits might be refused in Georgia.

Inability To Receive Immediate Medical Attention

It is essential to seek medical attention immediately following a workplace accident. It could put at risk the security of your workers’ compensation claim as well as your health. The insurance company or your employer is likely to confirm that the accident occurred outside the workplace.

If you’ve been injured Your employer must give you all the details you require to receive treatment. Your case may be tampered with when you visit your own physician. To file a claims for compensation ensure that you collect all the relevant documentation about the injury.

Failure To Report An Injury To The Employer Immediately

It will be difficult to receive compensation If you don’t notify your employer as quickly as you can. It could appear to be a minor incident, so it’s not necessary to inform your employer right away.

It is important to be aware of Georgia law stipulates that employees are not able to take retaliation against an employee who has complained of an injury to the workplace. Your injury should be treated in the same way as other employees working.

Whatever the severity or insignificant your injury must be reported within 30 days. It is possible to avoid delays in submitting your workers’ compensation claim.

Macon Workers' Compensation Disputes

Failure To Pass A Drug Test

The majority of workers’ compensation claims are rejected by workers who were intoxicated by alcohol or other drugs during the time of the incident. It is not possible to be eligible to receive compensation if you’re under the effects of alcohol or drugs. alcohol. However, there are some exceptions to this rule.

Your employer has to ask for an alcohol or drug test sample or alcohol to be tested within 24 hours of an incident. If you refuse to submit the test, it could lead to the assumption that you are guilty. Failure to pass the test can decrease or even eliminate your chance of receiving compensation for the injuries you sustained. To fully comprehend the rights you have and your options, seek the advice of an attorney.

Pre-Existing Injury Or Condition

The claim you make will be rejected If you do not disclose any prior injuries or conditions that could be the cause of the workplace injury. You may be qualified for workers’ benefits in Georgia in the event that your injuries get worse due to the accident at work. To prevent denial it’s recommended to inform your employer of any previous injuries.

Employers Can Use Delay Tactics To Help Them.

The benefits are automatically refused if you’re victimized by delays by your employer. To ensure that your claim is not denied, you must seek the advice of an attorney when your employer employs delay tactics or the insurance company.

No Witnesses

Your employer is likely to make a claim in the event that there are no witnesses to the workplace incident. It is essential to collect important evidence in order to avoid this issue. To make sure you have the right evidence to back up your worker’s claim to compensation, you should locate the right lawyer to handle the task.

Previous Record

Have you heard of any workers’ compensation claims that were similar to your present situation? This is enough to raise doubt about the possibility that your claim will be rejected.

A Hazard Outside Of The Workplace

The claim may be rejected in the event that the employer can prove the incident took place in a non-work environment.

No Workers’ Compensation Policy

You won’t be eligible to receive any benefits if your employer doesn’t have a workers’ insurance policy. If that’s the case, however, you might be able to utilize our legal assistance to explore alternative options.

What Should You Do If Your Workers’ Compensation Claim Is Rejected In Macon?

First, you must have an explanation for your refusal. After that, you must make an appeal. You may seek a hearing before the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. A judge from the administrative court will examine your claim and determine whether you are entitled to benefits from workers’ compensation for the injuries you sustained. After you have submitted the WC-14 form hearings will be scheduled within 60 days.

Although it’s not required to have an attorney present during the hearing, it’s always an ideal idea. This is due to the fact that it will aid in the process by providing the information to the judge. To ensure that you don’t lose the rights, you need to make an appeal within one year from the date of your accident.

Our lawyers are able to assist you in your Macon worker claims for compensation.

Compensation is the amount you are entitled to when you’re injured during the course of your work. To ensure that you get compensation, appeal any denied claims. If you’ve been denied a claim by the city of Macon, Georgia, we can assist. To avoid any hassles, contact us at 470-518-5026 to talk about the details of your workers’ compensation claim. We’re here to assist you!