Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Sandy Springs

Workers’ compensation insurance is meant to cover workers against losses brought about by occupational accidents. Its main aim is to ensure that injured workers receive the benefits and medical care they need to treat their injuries and take care of bills and other costs. If you suffer an injury or illness due to your job, you can get workers’ compensation benefits in Sandy Springs.

In Georgia, injured workers are entitled to receive compensation for treatment expenses, lost wages, temporary/permanent disability, or death. While that’s the case, it’s worth noting that most employers aren’t happy about spending company money on compensation claims and are willing to go to great lengths to ensure that a claim is either rejected or the amount is lowered.

Since employers and insurance companies use a variety of tactics to save money, your best to ensure that you get maximum benefits is to have a professional Sandy Springs workers’ compensation attorney represent you.

At the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition, we have experienced attorneys who specialize in helping injured workers receive the benefits they deserve and can help you too! Our attorneys have the skills and experience needed to file and pursue a claim and will fight aggressively to ensure that your case is heard and that you are well compensated for your injuries.

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What Are the Workers’ Compensation Benefit Limits in Georgia?

Georgia’s workers’ compensation laws dictate that the benefits employees qualify for are dependent on their income limits and other factors like what they were earning before the incident and when the accident occurred.

As of July 1, 2019, injured workers in Georgia are eligible to receive two-thirds (2/3) of their weekly income with a maximum temporary total payout of $675. The limit for workers on temporary partial disability is $450, while that for maximum permanent partial disability is $675

However, it’s worth noting that income limits in the state have some similarities. For instance, the benefits you are awarded might also cover your legal service fees, litigation expenses, and court charges. In such instances, your lawyer will, from the day the claim commences, focus on ensuring that the benefits you receive incorporate all costs.

Overall, understanding or determining benefits limits when pursuing a compensation claim can be frustrating without the help of a professional and competent workers’ comp attorney in Sandy Springs, GA. If you’ve been injured at work and would like to know what your benefits limit is, get in touch with the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition.

Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Sandy Springs, GA

There are four types of workers’ compensation benefits issued in Georgia with each being differentiated and awarded according to the severity and nature of the injury or resulting disability. The benefits awarded include:

TTD – Temporary Total Disability Benefits

Code 34-9-621 of Georgia’s workers’ compensation act dictates that injured employees qualify for temporary total disability if they’re recuperating after treatment but are still not fit to resume work. TTD benefits in Georgia are subject to a one-week holding period, which can be voided if there’s no chance that the injured worker won’t have recovered within one week – and, therefore, cannot go back to work.

Temporary Total Disability in Georgia has a maximum payout of $675/week payable over 400 weeks from the day the accident happened. However, it’s worth noting that this period can be reduced to 52 weeks if it’s deemed that the worker is fit to resume work but only if they perform light duties.

TPD – Temporary Partial Disability Benefits

Injured workers in Georgia qualify for TPD benefits if the attending doctor determines that their work-related injuries or illness caused total disability.

While workers can return to work after an injury on a light-duty capacity, there’s a need to protect their financial wellbeing considering that, in such instances, they will be earning less than before they got injured. That is where TPD benefits come into the picture.

Temporary Partial Disability benefits are designed to cover the income difference and are payable for 350 weeks (or more) with the maximum weekly limit being $450.

Concept of workers' compensation benefits in Sandy Springs, Georgia

PPD – Permanent Partial Disability Benefits

Injured workers in Georgia qualify for PPD benefits only if the attending doctor determines that their sickness or injury has reached maximum medical improvement (MMI), meaning they can’t improve even with further treatment. A person who has reached MMI may have to live with a disability, deal with chronic pain, or disfigurement for the rest of their life.

Permanent Partial Disability benefits are generally meant to compensate injured workers for their loss and injuries and are calculated based on how severe their injuries are and the resulting disabilities. PPD benefits are payable over 200 weeks.

PTD – Permanent Total Disability Benefits

When it comes to PTD benefits, there’s a “gray area” that tends to complicate things since Georgia laws dictate that claimants must first fulfill some requirements since PTD is a lifetime benefit. Permanent Total Disability is compensation awarded to injured workers who lost their eyes, limbs, or two or more parts of their body in a workplace accident.

How Are Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Georgia Calculated?

How much your workers’ compensation claim in Sandy Springs, GA is worth is determined by two key factors – the severity of your injury or illness and what caused the accident. To determine how much your claim is worth, there are three things your attorney will consider:

  1. Whether you continuously worked for three months. This allows them to estimate your wage rate.
  2. Your average weekly income by calculating your average pay for the work you did over the last three months before you got injured.
  3. Alternatives to exploit the contracted hiring rate strategy if both of the options above don’t apply to your situation.

Are Workers’ Comp Benefits in Georgia Taxed?

Workers’ compensation benefits in Georgia, and all states in the country, are not taxed. However, it’s worth noting that your settlement can, in some situations, be reported.

Call Our Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Sandy Springs for Help

If you are hurt in the course of your job, you can get compensation for medical treatment and lost wages. When pursuing a workers’ compensation claim, it’s worth noting that you could encounter some challenges that complicate the entire process.

For an easier time understanding what benefits you qualify for and how much you should expect to receive as compensation for injuries sustained, consider hiring the services of a professional workers’ comp attorney.

At the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition, we have competent and experienced lawyers that specialize in helping injured workers get the benefits they need and can help you too! The attorneys are experts when it comes to Georgia workers’ compensation laws and can help ensure that you receive the full amount of workers’ compensation benefits that you deserve.

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