Compensable Work Injuries in Austell

In Georgia, the state of Georgia starting from the day you begin your working, you are eligible to get workers’ compensation.

This means that you have the right to receive payment in the form of a check and medical care if you suffered what is known as compensable work injuries in Austell while performing your job.

Workers’ compensation was created to help you and not penalize anyone else. It isn’t easy for workers of all levels to know the severity of an injury that they suffer in Austell is work-related.

This is especially true given the way that the insurance company of the business and your employer could try to minimize the severity of your injuries and question the injury itself. Insurers know that they can help you save a significant amount of cash if your claim is denied.

An Austell Workers’ Compensation lawyer will help you determine whether you are eligible for compensable injuries in the event that you were the victim of a workplace accident. Do not assume that the claim of your worker for compensation is not valid. It may be valid!

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What Austell Work-Related Injuries are Compensable?

According to Georgia Law, a workplace accident is considered to be compensable when it meets two requirements:

The Injuries Sustained were a Result of the Job You Do

This implies that there has to be some sort of cause-and-effect relationship between the nature of your work and the injuries that you sustained. That means that if you happen to fall at your job and sustain a stroke, it will not be compensated.

The Injury Occurred in the Course of Your Work

This basically means that the injury was sustained while you were at work. For instance, if you are injured while on a break, the injury will not be compensable. If you’re working but suffer an injury when eating lunch at the client’s office the injury could be compensated.

This means that the injury has to have occurred while you were working. The two requirements are essential to be qualified for compensation, if you do it is considered a “compensable work-related injury” in Austell.

This guidebook is made available by the state of Georgia to help employees and employers know as much as they can about workers’ compensation law in Georgia and the types of as work-related injuries.

What are some of the most frequent work-related accidents?

Workers’ compensation claims are a possibility in all workplaces. It’s no surprise that working on a construction site is not without the risk of being a bit risky.

The Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration closely monitors injuries that occur during work and promotes the elimination of the ‘Fatal Four Reasons for Death’: falls, electrocutions, “Caught in/between” and “Struck By Object.”

Here’s a list that includes the most common workplace injuries:


In the workplace where heavy equipment or machines are used Amputations are a common occurrence almost always all the time. It’s not uncommon to see employees’ limbs being cut off.


In most work environments, certain jobs will require you to work in the heat or fire. This can result in burn injuries to employees.

Neck/Back Injuries

Most injuries at work involve the spine and neck. Accidents that happen while employees are engaged in work-related activities could cause back or neck injuries.


Fractures of the bones are another common accident that happens in the workplace. Employees can get bone fractures in a variety of ways while at the workplace. This could be because of an accident that involves slipping and falling or being injured by machinery.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Accidents like this can happen in any workplace. Slip and fall can be caused by icy floors and debris that is wet or scattered or cords that are not straight and uneven, as well as inadequate lighting.

Hearing Loss

This ailment is usually associated with industrial or construction jobs. The extreme noise and loudness could cause workers and employees working in such workplaces suffer hearing loss if they don’t make the right precautions.

Joint Pain

Workers/employees have joint pains as a result of excessively exerting themselves when lifting heavy.

Construction Accidents

These injuries are typical at construction sites. In the case of construction accidents, electrocution can result or falls, as well as being trapped between objects. This is often the cause of grave injuries or even death.

construction accidents qualify as compensable work injuries in Austell

Accidents while Operating Machinery or Tools

Employees can be injured working with tools or machinery during work. It happens when a worker is trapped in the machine or is struck by flying parts or other objects. The most common injuries from machines are crushed body parts, dismemberment, broken fingers, or worse yet death.

Accidents that Happen When Employees Travel for Work-Related Purposes

Employees can be injured on business trips. Since they are representing the company, it qualifies as a workplace-related injury.

What Types of Compensable Work Injuries in Austell Are You Able to Recover Compensation for?

If you are injured in the course of your work you are entitled to:

  • Your employer’s insurance company will pay for medical care. This covers hospital stays as well as ambulance costs as well as surgical equipment.
  • Physical therapy
  • Prescriptions and medications
  • Travel expenses
  • The possibility of vocational rehabilitation may also be available. Each state has its own regulations regarding workers’ compensation. It is important that you choose a reputable worker’s compensation lawyer who specializes solely in Georgia law as well as in compensable work-related injuries.

What is the Time Limit You Have to File for Compensation in Austell in the Event of an Injury at Work?

There is a window of opportunity to submit a claim for work-related injuries. The time limit for filing a case is one year following the date of the accident. If you received medical attention, it’ll be one year after the last time you received the medical care. You have 30 days to inform your employer about your injury.

Why Should You Hire Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition Atlanta?

Workers’ compensation benefits have very strict rules concerning the rights you have if you are injured at work in Austell. Employers and insurance companies are conversant in the regulations governing the system. You, however, are likely not.

Austell workers’ compensation lawyers have extensive knowledge and have a good understanding of the complex system.

We offer professional help and assist you in obtaining the benefits you’re entitled to. Call the Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition Atlanta today by dialing 470-518-5026 .