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Workers can sustain injuries or fall ill from their jobs. Workers’ compensation in Georgia covers you if you fall ill or are injured at work. An experienced attorney for workers’ compensation who handles Austell maximum medical improvement cases will assist you with your claim for workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is difficult to understand.

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What Is Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI)?

Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI) is the determination that an injured employee’s injuries have improved as much as medically possible, yet they may suffer from disability and pain throughout his or her life. The medical professional will determine that the employee will not continue to get better since he or she has reached the maximum improvement. MMI can develop while the employee is still receiving treatment. The goal of treatment is to keep a certain level of functionality within the employee. When it comes to pain management, the treatments could be extended.

The employee will be assigned an ongoing partial disability rating. This is a sign of reduced function for the body. This rating can vary depending on the body part that was injured in an accident. This is crucial when determining how much disability benefits the employee is entitled to.

Who Determines if an Employee has Reached Maximum Medical Improvement in Austell?

An expert medical practitioner is able to determine whether the employee has achieved maximum medical improvement (MMI). The employer, insurance company, physical therapist, or any other person cannot determine the level of medical improvement that is best for the injured employee. Only the treating physician who is authorized to treat is able to decide MMI. Even if an employee who has been injured thinks that he or she is improving, they are not eligible for disability benefits without the approval of the treating physician.

When the worker injured has reached MMI, he or she is assigned a permanent partial disability rating. Georgia’s state legislature established an equation to convert the rating into a dollar amount. According to Georgia’s worker’s comp law, every body part is worth a different amount of weeks in disability benefits.

Disability benefits for temporary disability of injured employees shouldn’t be denied because they’ve reached MMI. Georgia law guarantees these benefits to the injured worker regardless of whether or not he is at MMI. In most cases that an injured employee has reached MMI, it is time to resolve the case. The WC attorney should be consulted about your medical treatment to help determine the best approach to resolve your situation.

worker being examined by doctor to determine Austell Maximum Medical Improvement

Is it Possible to Continue Medical Treatment Following a Diagnosis of MMI?

The treatment you receive is able to continue even after you’ve reached maximum medical improvement. If your doctor doesn’t think you’re in the best medical condition Another doctor could offer a second opinion. If the second doctor determines that there are other treatments to improve your condition, workers’ comp could cover additional treatment.

What Happens if You are Unable to Resume Work and Perform at the Same Level?

If you are unable to find a new job with the company you work for, workers’ compensation can help you in your vocational rehabilitation. This means that you will need to meet with a vocational counselor in order to get a weekly report of interview dates. You will either lose or be invited to another position.

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