Workers’ Compensation Disputes in Ellenwood, GA

In Georgia, businesses with at least three employees must carry workers’ compensation insurance. The insurance protects the employees from injuries and illnesses in the workplace. If you get injured in your workplace and your employer has workers’ compensation coverage, you can claim a workers’ comp claim. The compensation pays for your medical expenses and lost wages.

It is easy to file a workers’ compensation claim. However, employers lose money by paying claims. That is why your employer is more likely to dispute and deny your workers’ claims. Fortunately, the state of Georgia allows employees to appeal denied workers’ compensation claims.

But it is difficult to deal with Ellenwood workers compensation disputes on your own. It is much better to seek a knowledgeable workers’ compensation lawyer to help you appeal a denied workers’ comp claim. Lawyers understand workers’ compensation laws, so they can successfully appeal your denied claim.

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What Are the Causes of Workers Compensation Disputes?

Workers’ compensation disputes can happen for so many reasons. In fact, employers and insurance companies are willing to hire the best lawyers to help them avoid paying claims. Therefore, they are willing to look for reasons to deny your workers’ comp claim.

Here are some of the causes of workers’ compensation disputes:

Employment Status

Workers’ compensation insurance covers employees only. It does not cover independent contractors. If you file for a workers’ compensation claim, your employer can say you were an independent contractor to avoid paying the claim. You will need to prove your employment status to receive the compensation.

Outside Scope of Employment

You may get injured while you are intoxicated, making it easier for your employer to deny your workers’ compensation claim. It is vital to follow the safety protocols of your employer to avoid getting injured. If you do not follow the safety protocols and you get injured, your employer can deny your claim.

Lack of Causation

If you get injured in your workplace and you cannot prove that the cause of your injuries was directly caused by a workplace accident, you are more likely to lose your workers’ comp benefits. Therefore, it is essential to prove that the workplace accident directly caused your injuries.

Missed Deadline

There are deadlines you need to meet to avoid losing your rights to seek workers’ compensation benefits. However, your employer may not remind you to file your claim within the specified time period. If you miss even one day, you can lose your claim. Hire a lawyer to help you file the claim. Your lawyer will ensure you meet all the deadlines.

Inadequate Information

It is easy for insurance companies to deny claims because of missing documents, such as medical reports. However, it is not easy to know the required documents since you do not know the workers’ compensation laws. You will need the help of a knowledgeable lawyer to ensure you submit all the necessary paperwork.

What to Do If Your Workers’ Comp Claim Is Denied in Georgia?

If your employer denies your claim in Georgia, you have the right to appeal the decision. However, it is not easy to appeal a denied claim. It is much better to let an experienced workers’ comp lawyer handle it on your behalf. Having a legal representation increases the chance of getting the benefits you are entitled to.

It is important to gather the necessary evidence to prove your case. You do not have to worry about gathering evidence. Your lawyer will do most of the work. Once your lawyer gathers enough evidence, they will request a hearing before the Georgia Court of Appeals.

Ellenwood Workers Compensation Disputes Infographic

What Are the Types of Workers’ Compensation Disputes?

There are two main types of Ellenwood workers compensation disputes.

Medical Disputes

The negligence of your doctor can put your life at risk. If you are injured in a workplace accident, you must visit a good doctor. Some lawyers usually recommend the best doctors. Therefore, you need to talk to your lawyer after the injury. Having a medical record can help you win the benefits you rightfully deserve.

Claim Disputes

If you decide to file a workers’ compensation claim, it is not going to be easy to get the benefits from your employer. In fact, a lot of issues can arise during the whole process. It is not easy to handle most of the claim disputes, including disability, the extent of your injury, etc. on your own.

Workers’ Compensation Dispute and Appeals Process in Georgia

If your employer disputes your workers’ compensation claim, you can resolve the issue through mediation. If you cannot resolve the issue through mediation, you can request a workers’ comp hearing.

If the workers’ comp hearing is not successful, you can appeal to the Appellate Division. If it does not go in your favor, you can appeal to Georgia Superior Court.

If that does not go in your favor, you can now appeal to the Georgia Court of Appeals.

Get Help With Ellenwood Workers Compensation Disputes!

It is difficult to deal with workers’ compensation disputes. Especially if you need the compensation to pay for your medical expenses and lost wages. Do not look for alternative ways of paying your medical bills. Instead, hire an experienced and knowledgeable workers’ comp attorney to appeal your denied workers’ comp claim.

Why hire a workers’ compensation attorney? You will not pay any legal fees unless your win your workers’ compensation claim. You will know the benefits you are entitled to. Your lawyer will handle witness interviews, paperwork, court hearings, and the insurance company. You will increase the chance of getting the full compensation. And your lawyer will recommend the best medical doctors.

Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Coalition provides dedicated legal representation to employees in Ellenwood, GA. Our workers’ compensation lawyers can assist you in appealing your denied workers’ compensation claim since we understand the intricacies of Georgia’s workers’ compensation law. And we will answer your questions.

Contact us today at 470-518-5026 for a free consultation with one of our skilled workers’ compensation attorneys.