Compensable Work Injuries in Augusta

In the state of Georgia beginning from the day of employment, you qualify to get workers’ compensation. This means you are entitled to the right to get an income check as well as medical care if you are injured while working.

Workers’ compensation was intended to benefit you rather than penalize anyone else. In reality, it can be difficult for a typical worker to know if the injuries sustained are an injury that is compensable in Augusta or not.

This is especially true given the fact that the insurance company of the business and your employer may try to minimize the severity of your injury and even question the injury itself. One thing insurers know is that they stand to save lots of money when your claim is rejected.

An experienced Augusta Workers’ Compensation lawyer will help you determine whether you are eligible for compensable injuries if you were the victim of a workplace accident. Do not assume that the claim of your worker to be compensated is untrue. It might be legitimate!

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What Is The Augusta Compensable Work Injury?

Georgia Law states that a workplace injury is compensable if it meets two criteria.

The Injury Sustained Resulted From Your Work

It is a requirement that there be a cause-and-effect relationship between your work and the injury. To put it differently, in the event that you walk through the workplace and had a stroke this won’t be considered to be to be compensable as the stroke did not have any connection to your job (although there are situations where an injury could have a direct relationship).

You Were Working At The Time Of The Accident

This basically means that the injury occurred while you working. If, for instance, you are injured while on a break, the injury is not compensable.

However, if you sustain injuries while eating lunch at an office of a client, your injury could be compensable in the event that the event was part of your job responsibilities.

The Injury Was Sustained While Working.

The two requirements are essential to be admissible to compensation. It’s called “compensable injuries to the workplace in Augusta”.

The handbook is offered by the state of Georgia to help workers and employers learn as much as they can about the workers’ compensation law in Georgia and the types of work-related injuries.

What Are Some Common Workplace Injuries?

Workers Compensation claims can happen in any work environment. Construction jobs do not come without the potential for risk.

The Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration is a strict observer of injuries that are sustained during work and is a proponent of the elimination of the ‘Fatal Four Reasons for Death’: accidents, electrocutions, and “Caught between” and “Struck by Object.”

Here’s a list that includes the most frequent workplace accidents that cause injuries:

Amputations caused by accidents are a common occurrence in workplaces that have heavy machinery/equipment. It’s not unusual to observe employees’ limbs being ripped off.

Burns: In many jobs, certain roles involve working with the heat or fire. Workers who work in areas similar to these can suffer burn injuries.

Neck and Back Injuries The majority of accidents at work affect the neck and spine. Accidents that occur while employees are performing work-related duties can cause neck or back injuries.

Fractures: Broken bones are another common accident that happens in the workplace. There are many ways workers can suffer bone fractures at work. It could be caused by a slip and fall accident or getting hurt by machinery or equipment.

Falls and Slips This kind of accident can occur in literally every workplace. The risk of falling and slipping can be caused by icy floors as well as scattered or wet debris or cords that are not straight and uneven, as well as inadequate lighting.

Hearing Loss: This injury is mainly affiliated with the construction industry. The loudness and noise could cause workers and employees working in such workplaces to suffer hearing loss when they don’t use the proper precautions.

Joint Pain: Extreme lifting can result in joint pain in workers and employees.

Construction accidents: These work injuries happen on construction sites. Construction accidents encompass electrocution, accidents, falling, getting caught in between, and being hit by objects, and often results in serious injuries, and sometimes even death.

Accidents while operating machinery and tools: Workers can also get injured while using machinery or tools at work. It happens when the worker is stuck inside the machine or is struck by exposed parts or flying objects flying from the machines. The most common injuries from machines are crushed body parts, dismemberment or fractured fingers, or even more fatally, death.

Accidents that occur while traveling for work-related reasons: Sometimes employees could suffer injuries while traveling for business purposes. This is a workplace accident since they represent the company.

What Types Of Compensable Work Injuries In Augusta Can You Insure?

You have the right to seek compensation if you’re hurt while performing your job duties.

The insurance company you work for will cover medical expenses. This includes hospital stays in addition to ambulance charges and surgical equipment.

Physical therapy

Prescriptions & medication

Travel expenses

You may also have a right to seek vocational rehabilitation. Each state has its own rules about workers’ compensation. It is crucial to employ a skilled worker’s compensation lawyer that specializes only in Georgia law and in compensable workplace injuries.

How Long Do You Have To File A Compensable Work Claim? Injury In Augusta?

There’s a deadline that you can file a claim for compensation for work-related injuries in Augusta, Georgia.

One year from the date of the accident is the deadline for filing a claim. If you received medical attention, it’ll be one year after the last time you received medical attention. It is important to remember that you must notify within 30 days the employer of your injury.

Why Should You Employ Workers Compensation Lawyers Coalition Augusta To Compensate Work Injuries In Augusta?

Workers’ compensation has very strict rules concerning your rights in the event that you’re injured while working in Augusta. These rules are known to both insurance and employer businesses. But, you’re NOT.

Our Workers Compensation lawyers in Augusta have experience in this area and are familiar with the intricacies of this system.

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